Hazey mountain landscape in the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia, Spain.

Andalusia - September 2018

Casual observations of Andalusia , the cultural experience and the amazing

beauty that permeates just 50km from the Costa del Sol.

Black and white bull string at its own shadow during a bull run in rural Spain.
Spanish Shepard overlooks his flock on a hot dusty plain.
Gravel road disappearing into a mountain in the Sierra Nevadas, Andalusia, Spain.
German Shepard exploring a midday rural Spanish street .
Bikepacking cyclist riding through a savannah style terrain in Andalusia, Spain.
Gerometric sunset setting over a concrete football pitch in Spain.
Landscape view of Shepards rounding up sheep in Spain.
Spanish pensioneer staring into the sun down a street.
Two stray dogs symmetrically opposed on a Spanish street in Andalusia.
Mountain Refugio hidden among trees and mountains.
Cap saying get wild strapped to the front of a touring bicycle.
Dawn bicycles lying next a tent as clouds form below the mountains.
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