Beautiful dawn light rising over the Himalayas in Nepal on Thorong La pass.

Nepal - November 2018

Trailside observations of the hilliest country on earth ranging with images spanning 800m to 5416m above sea level. The imagery aims to cast a light on the everyday reality with a particular focus on the stray dogs of the country. 

Nepalese house nestled between forests and mountains.
Nepalese man balances pots on his head in a basket.
Shy Nepalese children peer up at a bicycle.
Two stray Nepalese dogs lying in a dusty and sandy road.
Two tourists stare at a stray dog sleeping at Swayambhunath stupa, Kathmandu.
Hiking trail surrounded by mountains and scree slopes on Thorong La pass in the Himalayas, Nepal.
Nepalese man carries a bail of straw strapped to his back on a gravel road.
Busy traffic on a busy road in Kathmandu made out of dirt.
Nepalese rural family of pensioners pose for a photo in the mountains.
Porteur donkeys carrying bags up a mountain pass in Nepal.
Nepalese security guard beautifully framed with his face in golden light.
Road sign saying Welcome to Jharkut with cyclists and mountains in the background.
A pack of stray dogs descend some steps in Bhaktapur Nepal.
An army of pigeons at a stupa in Kathmandu.
Nepalese school children going very high on a home-made bamboo swing.
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